Referral Services and Case Management

CAPS provides time-limited individual counseling services to best serve as many students as possible. Many students have concerns that are best supported by off-campus providers who can offer more sessions over a longer period of time than CAPS. In addition, there may be specialists in the community who can better meet your specific needs.

Should you wish to contact a mental health provider in your area, we can help. You may contact our office at (703) 993-2380 and request referral information and resources. You may be asked questions about your ability to travel, your health insurance, and interests in seeking counseling. A clinician will see if we have appropriate referral resources in your area.

You can find referral information and resources on our website by going to our Find a Community Provider page, which has databases you can search to identify potential mental health providers, and information about Choosing a New Provider, Using Your Health Insurance, Contacting Mental Health Providers, What to Expect When You Meet With a New Provider and Frequently Asked Questions About Referrals.

Finding a therapist outside the US

In Crisis?

Emergency Contacts

Online Crisis Chat

Crisis Text Line

    Text HOME to 741-741



National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 


Veterans Crisis Line

    800-273-8255, Press 1

Mason Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Crisis Line




Trans Lifeline


Mason Police