Individual Counseling

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Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at George Mason University offers a variety of psychological services designed to assist students in resolving issues that cause emotional distress and interfere with personal goals and academic success.

The first step is to complete an intake appointment during which you will speak with a clinician about your concerns and collaboratively identify how best to address your needs. This may involve referrals to resources on- and off-campus and/or to services offered by CAPS, including group therapy, skills-based workshops, case management, individual counseling, and psychiatry.

Individual counseling at CAPS is dependent on treatment needs and availability. While some concerns can be effectively addressed by our Center, it is also common for student concerns to require specialized or more intensive care than is available in a university counseling center setting. When this is the case, clinicians assist students in connecting to the appropriate community services to ensure they receive the best treatment.