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Building Connection; Mental health and wellness tips while living in the residence halls. 

This discussion features members of CAPS, CWB, and residence life (RA and Community Director).

Mason chooses kindness and the impact of Kindness on Mental Health with Phil Wilkerson

Derek Vigon, Psy.D. Panel Discussion – Exercise for Mental Health and Wellbeing, Balancing the Mind, Body, and Plate Video

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Jennifer Kahler, Psy.D.—What to Expect in Counseling

Derek Vigon, Psy.D. – COVID-19 and Mental Health with Mason Student-Athletes

Matthew Carlos, Student Support and Advocacy, Food Insecurity and Patriot Pantry

Veronica Hayes, Dietitian – Balancing the Mind, Body, and Plate

Alex Harrison, LPC – Working with LGBTQ+ Population

Gloria Huh, Ph.D. – Working with Diverse Populations

Philip Wilkerson, University Career Services – Counseling and Black Male Stigma

Building Connection; Mental Health and Wellness Tips While Living in the Residence Halls

Mason CARES Suicide Prevention Training 

CAPS General Services 

CAPS Resiliency Presentation