Group Counseling

Groups for the Spring 2018 semester have concluded. Please check this site at the start of the Fall 2018 semester to learn more about our future offerings!

Group therapy is a very effective way to understand how to cope with life challenges and difficult emotions. As you consider participation in a group, you may have a number of questions. Personal growth groups will be open for the semester until filled. If you are interested, please contact CAPS at 703-993-2380 to schedule and Initial Consultation where you can express interest in groups to discuss which ones might be most helpful for you.


Live YOUR Life Group

Mondays 1-2:30pm

Facilitators: Kati Hutchinson and Alexis Melville

The Live YOUR Life Group is a weekly 90-minute group devoted to helping students encounter depression and anxiety (and related issues) differently in the pursuit of living a full and meaningful life. The sessions will be comprised of short educational components, group discussions, and experiential exercises. There are also Living In Full Experience (LIFE) exercises to complete in between group meetings to help you apply what you are learning to your everyday life. Are you open to learning how to welcome all of your internal experiences (thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and memories), even when they are uncomfortable, in order to live your life in a way that is meaningful to you? If yes, then come join us!


Managing Feelings

Tuesdays 11-12:30pm

Facilitator: Angel Van Wagenen

This group is designed for students who would like to learn how to cope with painful or strong feelings and manage them more effectively. Over the course of this 6-week group, participants will learn and practice skills related to mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and emotion regulation. While there will be room to talk about one’s personal life and concerns, the group will focus on learning skills for managing feelings and sharing what it’s like to practice them.



Tuesdays 3-4:30pm

Facilitators: Alex Harrison and Allie Minieri

This group offers a safe space for members and allies of the LGBTQA* community to learn more about yourself, relationships with others, and your coping strategies. In group, members will have the opportunity to share life stressors, give and receive feedback, as well as gain support from one another.

*LGBTQA is intended to be an inclusive umbrella term including those identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual, gender non-conforming, intersex, pansexual, and those questioning their gender identity or sexual orientation.


Understanding Yourself, Understanding Others

Wednesdays 3-4:30pm

Facilitators: Brooke Kahn and Becca Kim

This group is designed to help students explore issues and dynamics that are affecting their personal life. Specific areas of focus are generally determined by group members and may include relationships, intimacy, boundaries, communication, and self-awareness. The group also provides an opportunity for students to practice new ways of behaving within a safe and encouraging environment where they can receive and provide feedback and support.


Graduate Student Group

Wednesdays 3-4:30pm

Facilitator: Jennifer Kehoe and Grace Lawson

This is a group for graduate students seeking an opportunity to explore concerns related to being a graduate student. Discussion topics may include balancing multiple identities and responsibilities, successfully finishing their thesis/dissertation, managing perceived roadblocks in their program of study, emotional distress related to applying for internships and/or employment, and burnout. This group will provide students with the opportunity to connect and relate with other graduate students who share similar experiences in an authentic, affirming, and emotionally-safe therapeutic space.


Memory Circle

Thursdays 3-4:30pm

Facilitators: Sylvia Hanna and Brooke Kahn

This group assists members to cope with the reality of their loss, manage the related emotions associated with grief and loss, and make meaning out of this change in their world. This group provides an opportunity for members to feel understood and supported in the uniqueness of their situation, and to create an atmosphere, which fosters growth and healing.


Surviving to Thriving

Fridays 1-2:30pm

Facilitators: Ciera Scott and Iren Valentine

This is a group for self-identified women seeking support in their journey towards healing after having survived sexual assault that occurred during adolescence and/or adulthood. This group is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. This group will provide students with an opportunity to explore concerns such as difficulties with emotional/physical intimacy in personal relationships, struggling with trusting oneself and/or others, coping with emotional/physical triggers related to their sexual assault, managing self-blame/guilt following their sexual assault, amongst many other topics. Students will not be expected to self-disclose specific details about their sexual assault within group. This group will provide students with the opportunity to connect and relate with other women who share similar experiences, and realize that they are not alone, in an authentic, affirming, and confidential space.


I Thought It was Me

Fridays 1-2:30pm

Facilitators: Gloria Huh and Angel Van Wagenen

I Thought It was Me is an unstructured group for students who have been negatively affected by traumatic experiences and/or all forms of abuse within their family of origin and who are actively seeking healing around issues related to these experiences. Acknowledging that all families are different, members can come from different backgrounds and family constellations. This group is open to all individuals who may include survivors of verbal, emotional, financial, and/or physical abuse. This group strives to create a supportive and safe environment that acknowledges that the healing process is unique to each individual. The goal of the group is to facilitate a sense of awareness, reduce self-blame and shame, and build mutual support and connection between members.


Other Groups Offered at Mason

Groups at Student Support and Advocacy Center

Student Support and Advocacy Center offers groups related to reducing alcohol or drug use.  For more information about these and their other groups, go to


Groups at Center for Psychological Services

Mason’s Center for Psychological Services (CPS) is a training facility for graduate psychology students.  CPS offers groups throughout the fall and spring semesters. For more information on current groups and workshops, please

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