Sample Intern Work Week

Emergency Contacts

A sample 40 hour work week of expected activities is provided below:

Specific hours of participation in each of the clinical activities listed below vary based on center need and time of the year.

*** Variable over the course of the academic year, with lighter caseload during clinically less active periods at CAPS (e.g., summer) and fuller caseloads at more active times during the year. Number of ongoing individual therapy appointments will decrease if/when other clinical activities (e.g., group therapy, Initial Consultations) increase.

Required Activities and Hours for Successful Completion of Internship

To ensure competency and licensure eligibility, we expect that interns will complete the following:

Successful completion of the internship is defined by the following:
– Meeting all competency requirements on the end of year evaluation.
– Meeting the hours requirements, including 2000 hours total and 500 direct service hours.
– Receiving at least four hours of supervision per week, two hours of which will be with their individual supervisor who is a Licensed Clinical psychologist.
– Completing assigned clinical services and supervision provided tasks.
– Providing at least six outreach presentations, including one presentation that the interns helped develop.
– Completing the Advocacy Project.
– Completing the assessment requirements, including use of the CCAPS and implementation of two Cultural Formulation Interviews (CFIs) with associated write-up.
– Completing all required presentations, including: two clinical case presentations, a supervision of supervision presentation, and an advocacy project presentation.

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