Sample Intern Work Week

A sample 40 hour work week of expected activities is provided below:

*** Variable over the course of the academic year, with lighter caseload during clinically less active periods at CAPS (e.g., summer) and fuller caseloads at more active times during the year.  Number of Ongoing Individual Counseling appointments will decrease if/when other clinical activities (e.g., group, Initial Consultations) increase.

** Interns will be expected to evaluate the number of Routine Initial appointments (RAs) in their caseloads with their supervisors, and will adjust the number as needed to reach capacity for caseload, including typically increasing the number of RAs until their caseloads are full.


Expected Total Hours/Number of Clinical Activities

 To ensure competency and licensure eligibility, we expect that interns will complete the following:

  • 12 months of internship
  • Engage in at least 500 hours of direct service activities during the internship year
  • Complete at least 6 outreach activities per year semester
  • Lead one skill building workshop
  • Co-lead at least one group a semester

We also require that interns don’t limit themselves to the minimum required hours/numbers.  Each staff member, including trainees, is asked to volunteer and help out when needed.

In Crisis?

Emergency Contacts

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National Suicide

    Prevention Lifeline

Veterans Crisis Line

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Trans Lifeline


Non-Emergency Contacts

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