Interview Requests

Due to the heavy demand for clinical services, CAPS is generally not able to accommodate requests for in-person interviews, including class assignments.  Time permitting, the center will do its best to respond to requests for information via email provided that the request is made at least two weeks in advance. To submit a request, please contact Ms. Kheia Hilton, LPC at Providing clinical services to students is the top priority for CAPS, so your understanding that we may not always be able to accommodate your request is appreciated.

Your emailed request to Ms. Hilton must include the following information to be accepted for full consideration by our office:

1) Your full name

2) Your role at Mason (student, faculty, staff, etc.)

3) For whom you are conducting this interview (name of the department, organization, etc.)

4) The specific questions that you wish to have answered by a member of our team

5) The deadline by which you wish to receive a response from a member of our team


Although short-notice requests cannot typically be accommodated, CAPS also realizes that occasionally urgent outreach needs arise (e.g., when there is a tragic event or injustice).  In these cases, please contact us, and every effort will be made to respond promptly.

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