Managing COVID-19 Re-Entry Anxiety

Emergency Contacts

CAPS is offering workshops each week for students on “Coping with Coming Back” and two “Relax and Unwind” Drop-In Spaces. Please see our Upcoming Outreach Events page for more information.

Resources to Manage Anxiety Related to COVID-19:

Overcoming Pandemic Re-Entry Anxiety

Statement on COVID-19 and Discrimination:

Here at CAPS, we stand by the fact that viruses have no nationality, race, or ethnicity.

We are troubled by national incidents in which individuals who identify as being of Asian descent, or who are believed to be of Asian descent are subjected to racism and violence related to COVID-19. Such acts are at direct odds with the safe, affirming, and inclusive environment we promote here at Mason.

We invite you to reach out for support in general, and especially if you have experienced or witnessed discrimination during the time of COVID-19 and beyond.

If you want to report an incident of bias, you can do so through Mason’s Climate.