Online Self-Help

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is always looking for new ways to improve and increase access to mental health services. CAPS is pleased to offer Therapist Assisted Online (TAO) to the Mason community as a nice adjunct to the services that CAPS already offers. TAO is an interactive, web-based program that provides high-quality and dynamic treatment options and support for a variety of common mental health concerns (e.g. anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, communication skills, etc.) as well as mindfulness and self-care resources.

There are a variety of variables that may make it difficult for someone to access mental health resources. TAO provides 24/7 accessibility to empirically supported educational interventions that you can access when it is convenient for you and complete them at your own pace. You can create a self-help account and access all of TAO's content.

Not sure where to start? Take TAO's new online screening tool  which provides recommendations about which modules to complete based on reported symptoms.

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