Emergency Contacts

How to Access Online Paperwork

*Please only complete online paperwork if you have spoken with a CAPS staff member and scheduled an appointment*

To complete CAPS intake documents from off campus you need to establish a Mason Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. A VPN helps to electronically secure your data as it is being transmitted to CAPS.

  1. Please download the Cisco AnyConnect Client from
  2. Once you have installed Cisco AnyConnect run it and enter “” and click “Connect.” Then choose “STUDENT” from the group list and enter your NetID and Patriot password and click “OK”.                           
  3. Next, open a browser window in Chrome or Firefox and go to
  4. Click on the #1 “Psychological Services Consultation” button and respond to the questions. Be sure to click the “Next” button on the bottom right of the screen and the “Submit” button at the end to transmit your forms to CAPS.

Teleservices Information for Students

Teleservices are conducted and documented in a confidential manner according to applicable laws in similar ways to in-person services. There are, however, additional considerations including:

  • Teleservices involve alternative forms of communication that may reduce visual and auditory cues and increase the likelihood of misunderstanding one another.
  • Sessions could be disrupted or delayed, or communications distorted due to technical failures.
  • In rare cases, security protocols could fail and your confidential information could be accessed by unauthorized persons. CAPS works to reduce these risks by using secure videoconferencing software.
  • You may only engage in sessions when you are physically in Virginia. Your provider will confirm your current location at the beginning of each session.
  • You will not record any sessions, nor will CAPS record your sessions without your written consent.

Should there be technical problems with the secure virtual software, the backup plan is contact by phone.  Make sure that CAPS has a correct phone number at which you can be reached, and have your phone with you at session times.  If you are unable to connect or get disconnected, please try to connect again.  If problems continue, call CAPS at 703-993-2380.