Medical Information Requests

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) records are kept for seven years as required by Virginia law. In order to provide any information about a student or former student seen in our office, they must complete a CAPS release of information form.

If you are requesting medical records, please call CAPS and ask to speak with the most recent clinician with whom you met. If that clinician is no longer available or you do not remember their name, please request to speak with the Associate Director, Clinical Services. You will need to complete a release of information form in our office during business hours. We need to see a current photo ID. If there has been a change in your name since being seen at CAPS, we will need to see an ID with the former name on it as well as one with the current name.

If you are unable to come directly to our office, please mail a CAPS release of information form along with a clearly visible copy of a legal photo ID (ID’s for both current and previous last names, if applicable). Please provide a good contact phone number for yourself on the release of information and please mail documents to:

George Mason University
Counseling and Psychological Services
4400 University Drive, MS 2A2
Fairfax, VA 22030

When we receive the CAPS release of information form and copy of your legal photo ID, you can expect a phone call from one of our clinicians within seven (7) business days to verify if any additional information is needed.


If you are requesting a letter documenting services received at CAPS, please note the following:

  • Students should not pursue services at CAPS for the sole purpose of obtaining a letter of support.
  • CAPS generally does not provide letters at the initial point of contact.
  • Letters are provided at the discretion of CAPS according to your clinical history, current functioning, and relevant legal and ethical statutes.
  • Letters will be provided primarily in the event that a treatment relationship has been established with a CAPS clinician.
  • Certain kinds of letters are outside the scope of CAPS, including disability or accommodation assessments and letters related to service or support animals. We can assist you in finding a provider who may be able to furnish requested documentation.
  • If you are currently being treated by a mental health or medical professional (or have been in the recent past), they would be the appropriate professional to provide the requested documentation.
  • All requests for letters must be made in person at least five (5) business days in advance of when it is needed.
  • You must fill out a Release of Information form at CAPS before a letter will be provided, even if you are requesting a letter addressed to yourself.

If you have any questions, please call us at 703-993-2380.

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