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Academic Skills Certificate Program

What is the ASC?

The Academic Skills Certificate program can help you to study more efficiently, improve your test taking skills, decrease your anxiety about performance and improve your grades.

Throughout the certification process, you will attend workshops,  listen to audio tapes, watch videotapes and DVDs, and use interactive computer programs and books from our Self-Help Resource Library.

At the beginning of the certification process, you will complete the online Learning and Study Strategies Inventory ©2002 (LASSI) to assess your skills, and then meet with a staff member to set up your individual certificate plan. The staff of Learning Services will assist you with any questions you may have before, during or after the certification process.

Certification Procedures

Come to Learning Services, located in Counseling and Psychological Services in the Student Union I, Room 3129. Complete the online inventory to assess your skills. Make an appointment with a staff member in Learning Services to discuss the results of your assessment and plan your certificate program. Plan a regular time to utilize materials at the Self-Help Resource Library. Have a Learning Services staff member sign-off on all work toward the certificate completed in the Library

Pre-register for skill development workshops recommended for your certificate plan. Have the workshop leader sign your checklist to verify participation.

Academic Skills Certificate Requirements

To earn a Certificate in Academic Skills, you must complete 15 hours of work. Your work must include 4-5 hours of academic skills workshops and 10-11 hours of media-based self-instructional programs. If you are currently enrolled in classes, you can substitute 3-4 hours of individual academic coaching with one of our staff for an equal number of self-instructional program hours. Students not currently enrolled in classes at GMU may complete the ASC but may not take advantage of one on one academic coaching until they are re-enrolled.