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Classroom Assessment Program

Improve Your Class’ Potential for Success! Let Us Assess the Academic Skills of Your Students

The Classroom Assessment Project developed by CAPS' Learning Services is an effort to support both faculty and students in their teaching and learning efforts.

When faculty invite Learning Services into their classroom, Learning Services will provide students with a questionnaire to measure the frequency with which each student utilizes good study strategies, the level of their test anxiety, and their typical learning style. Faculty hand out the student questionnaire in class and ask students to return them completed to the following class period. One of our staff will come to that class to pick them up. Once they have been scored (typically in a week or two depending on the size of the class), we will return to class to provide feedback to both faculty and students. Students will receive an individual summary of their strengths and weaknesses and, if necessary, a recommendation regarding resources that will help them to improve their academic skills. Faculty will receive a summary and interpretation of the learning styles of students in their class, a summary of their students' academic skills, and the prevalence of test anxiety among their students.

For more information about the Classroom Assessment Project contact Learning Services, 703-993-2999 or come by the office in Student Union I, Room 3129.