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Educational Programs

Educational Programs provide students with opportunities to participate in psycho-educational learning experiences that support their educational goals. By addressing the psychosocial and developmental needs of all students, the educational programs of Counseling and Psychological Services enhance the student's adjustment to academic life and augment classroom learning. Such programs foster the development of personal empowerment skills through experiential-based learning opportunities. If you would like to have a guest speaker address your class, contact CAPS at 703-993-2380, or email the outreach request form found on the WEB.

Screening programs on depression, anxiety and eating disorders educate the community about the importance of mental health and early detection of problems. Keyword to access the screening is 'Mason.'

The Stress Management Program is a coordinated effort to reach members of the Mason community through education, outreach, resource development, and clinical services focused on managing the stresses of academic life.

"Preparing for College Classes" is a new video designed to prepare students transitioning to college.  Check it out today.